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Vegetarian Cooking at its Best


This book is about sharing good food and providing exciting vibrant
dishes that taste great. Tasty fresh food can be easy to prepare and
nourishing your body naturally can become part of your life.
There is nothing more inspiring than a market full of colourful freshly
picked fruit and vegetables. Miss Wall loves to go shopping and come up with a dish for her café.

More and more people are changing to a vegetarian and vegan diet and
lots more enjoy eating less meat and healthy, tasty food. Miss Wall has picked some of the most popular dishes from her café as recipes.
“The best recipes are ones where the basic ingredients are sound and
then in most of these recipes you could swap some of the fresh herbs,
lemons for limes, omit something if you don´t have it to hand and it will
still be delicious, so feel free to substitute and adapt!”

You will enjoy making this food and eating it even more!!