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Rilke 30 Poems

Poet Seamus Hogan, Dr Ailin Becker (MD) and Sean O’Mahony (landscape architect) worked together from 2012-15 on a weekly basis to produce these exquisite translations which we are proud to have as our inaugural publication. The uniqueness of the partnership is reflected in the uniqueness of the translations making them at once more accessible and more lyrical without in any way lessening depth and complexity of his work.

“…..made over into English wonderfully well.”

Seamus Heaney 2013

Review by Clive Ungar-Hamilton “One of Germany’s finest lyrical poets, Rilke was a solitary figure completely dedicated to literature to the exclusion of all else, even marriage. Yet his was a passionate soul, as these exceptional translations reveal in almost every poem. Rilke’s obsessive concentration on his subject, whether a panther in a Paris zoo or a merry-go-round in a park, is treated with marvellous sensibility and precision by these three Irish scholars. If you can imagine a book of verse being un-putdownable, it has to be this one. Hats Off !”